Our Teachers


Contra-Mestre Chorão

Contra-Mestre Chorão is from the Paripe neighborhood of Salvador, Bahia. Introduced to Capoeria Angola at a young age, he first started training at Clube de Brotas. Chorão trained off and on for some time until he met Mestre Marrom, a disciple of Mestre João Pequeno de Pastinha. Enamored with the intelligence of Mestre Marrom's teaching and the efficiency of Mestre Marrom's style, Chorão joined the Grupo de Capoeira Angola do Acupe (Grupo Acupe) in 1994.

Contra-Mestre Chorão's game represents the roots of Bahian Capoeira Angola. It is clean, sensitive, stylish and deadly--highly applicable to real world situations. At the same time, his way of playing is totally unique. His game is constantly growing, incorporating all that he experiences inside and outside of the roda in beautiful expression that is both spiritually and physically profound. As a youth growing up in Salvador, Contra-Mestre Chorão went to any and all rodas: Capoeira Angola rodas and rodas of Capoeira Regional, in the academy and in the street. He is respected in his native city because of his willingness to play with and learn from anyone.

Contra-Mestre Chorão moved to the United States in 2005, shortly after earning his Contra-Mestre title in 2003. He currently teaches in the Cambridge, Massachusetts, while supporting study groups in Indianapolis, Indiana and Brooklyn, New York, as well as teaching workshops throughout the United States and Europe. 


Julius Anastasio

Julius Anastasio has been studying martial arts since he was a child. In 2004, he began training Capoeira in Ithaca, New York at Capoeira Angola Quintal under Contra-Mestre Graveto. After moving to Boston in 2008, he trained with several groups until meeting Contra-Mestre Chorão. Enamored by Chorão’s style and philosophy, Julius joined Grupo Acupe in 2014. Julius helps teach young children, teens and adults at the Greater Boston Acupe group.


Taganyahu Swaby

Taganyahu Swaby started training Capoeira in 2001 with Mestre João Grande at the Capoeira Angola Center after having lived in Salvador, Bahia and frequenting Capoeira rodas. During this time, Taganyahu spent months at a time in Brazil training with Mestre Boca Do Rio. Taganyahu met Contra-Mestre Chorão at a FICA roda during one of these trips. The two started a friendship in the United States that has grown into Taganyahu leading Grupo De Capoeira Angola De Acupe in Brooklyn since 2016.


To connect with the Brooklyn group about class times, locations, and their monthly rodas:

Email: taganyahu (at) gmail (dot com)

Phone: 646 545 7355

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BrooklynAngoleiros