Somerville Capoeira class info

We’ve had some questions about our class schedule, so wanted to provide some further information about the schedule. In addition to the Tuesday and Thursday classes at the Argenziano School (290 Washington St, Somerville MA), we are continuing train on Fridays at Casa do Benfica (178 Elm St, Cambridge MA).

For Tuesday and Thursday classes held at the Argenziano School in Somerville, our schedule is:

Session 1: Sept 18 - Nov 8, Teens: $20; Adults: $40 

Session 2: Nov 13 - Dec 20, Teens: $10; Adults: $25

Session 3: Jan 8 - Feb 14, Teens: $15; Adults: $30

You can sign up for all or part of a session through Somerville Rec Website, but are also welcome to come and try before registering:

If you're interested or want more info, please free to contact us, or come by to try things out! acupe(dot)capoeira{at}gmail[dot]com

Julius Anastasio