Training and Growing in Capoeira Angola

Although no class in Capoeira Angola is the same, all Capoeira Angola classes encourage students to grow deeper in their practice and way of life. Growing in Capoeira Angola is similar to the development of a tree. The seed of Capoeira Angola is planted with dedicated and consistent training. With this growth, the muscles strengthen, the senses become enhanced, the breath becomes more still, and the mind becomes inundated with new experiences. As the movement, music, and mandinga of Capoeira Angola become more familiar, the seed of Angola begins to takes root, and the foundation of one’s practice becomes established.

With continued and consistent nurturing, the foundation of one's practice will begin to branch out and breach the surface of regimented form. In doing so, the application of Movement, Music, and Mandinga (more on these in a future post) begins to become a natural occurrence, and the student learns to express their own style as a Capoeira Angola practitioner. Once the expressions of Capoeira Angola being to manifest in the everyday life of the practitioner, the branches of one’s practice will begin to flourish and its fruit will provide all the nourishment that one can eat.

Julius Anastasio